Bleach-Dyed Gray Jeans Bag

Bleach-Dyed Gray Jeans Bag


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Bleach-Dyed Gray Jeans Bag—Loved this pair of jeans when I saw them in the thrift shop. Have been thinking of how I could do this kind of bleaching on other jeans . . . but that’s for another day. Finding a strap that went with it wasn’t quite as easy, but when I saw the snakeskin belt I knew it was perfect! The lining material is as fun as the outside with different sized dots in grays and blacks . . . left from a valence I did for my bathroom. Upcycling is such fun!

1 in stock

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Bleach-Dyed Gray Jeans Bag— You’ll love this updated hippie look that’s upcycled and so “today”!

Size: 10-inch H x 17-inch W

Strap: 44-inch cross-body strap.

Closure: Loop around front button.

Pockets: 5 Outside, 2 Inside

Handmade in USA

Upcycled Fabrics

Ships Worldwide


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